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It’s official: The Red Circle Factbook is now an ‘Encyclopedia’

The number of entries in The Red Circle Factbook, a dynamic online open access compendium of Interesting Japanese Literary and Publishing Facts, has increased massively in the first two months of 2018, more than doubling in number. 

In Japan, encyclopedia, which have been compiled and published since Japan’s Heian Period (794-1185), are known as hyakka jiten (百科事典), literally meaning a dictionary of a hundred subjects.  By this definition, the Red Circle Factbook is officially an encyclopedia since it now has more than 100 records. 

The Factbbook’s records, which range in length from 100 to 700 words, are grouped into six searchable categories: Book Buying, Book Selling, Creative Writing, Literary Awards, Literary History and Publishing. They include information on Japan’s oldest, most expensive and smallest books; as well as industry information such as the size of Japan’s publishing market, and the number of books published each year. 

According to Red Circle Authors’ Co-Founders and Directors, Richard Nathan and Koji Chikatani, the Factbook, which was launched last year, is designed to provide international publishers, journalists, academics and readers looking for information in English on the Japanese literary and publishing scene, with a one-stop online searchable database – making the world of Japanese publishing and creative writing much more accessible. 

“We are delighted to have reached this important first milestone and be officially defined as an ‘encyclopedia'”, says Richard Nathan. “Initial feedback,” he continues, “ has been terrific. The Factbook will continue to grow, improve and develop, and Koji and I look forward to receiving more contributions from our growing international user base.”    
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