Red Circle Minis

Original, Short and Compelling Reads
Red Circle Minis is a series of short captivating books by Japan’s finest contemporary writers that brings the narratives and voices of Japan together as never before. Each book is a first edition written specifically for the series and is being published in English first.
Stand-in Companion

Stand-in Companion, 2018

by Kazufumi Shiraishi


Backlight, 2018

by Kanji Hanawa

Tokyo Performance

Tokyo Performance, 2018

by Roger Pulvers

mame mark The book covers in the series draw on traditional Japanese motifs and colours found in Japanese building, paper, garden and textile design. Everything, in fact, that is beautiful and refined, from kimonos to zen gardens and everything in between. The mark included on the covers incorporates the Japanese character mame meaning ‘bean’, a word that has many uses and connotations including all things miniature and adorable. Each cover uses a traditional Japanese colour, all of which have a unique Japanese name.