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In Memoriam: Kanji Hanawa (1936-2020)

It is with great sadness that we announce that Kanji Hanawa passed away at 4.30 May 31 in Tokyo. He was 84. 

Kanji Hanawa was author of two critically acclaimed Red Circle Minis: Backlight, translated by Richard Nathan, and The Chronicle of Lord Asunaro, translated by Meredith Mckinney. 

Kanji Hanawa, a former professor of French literature and prolific author of short stories and novella, who was twice nominated for Japan’s most prestigious literary award the Akutagawa Prize, will be greatly missed by all of the team at Red Circle Authors and his many readers in Japan and internationally.
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      About Kanji Hanawa:
      Kanji Hanawa, a former professor of French literature is a master of the shorty story. He wrote hundreds and dedicated his life to writing short stories and novella about life in ancient, modern and contemporary Japan. Two of his short stories have been shortlisted for the prestigious Akutagawa Literary Prize. Hanawa’s tales reflect a deep interest in human psychology and complex relationships – whose narratives expose the pressures and challenges of life in Japan.