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Kazufumi Shiraishi’s latest work launched as a serialised novel in 70th anniversary issue of leading Japanese literary magazine

Promotional poster for 70th anniversary issue (September 2017) of Shosetsu Shincho featuring first instalment of new work of fiction by Kazufumi Shiraishi. Photograph: Red Circle Authors Limited.
Shosetsu Shincho, one of Japan’s most highly regarded literary magazines, published the first instalment of the award-winning Red Circle author Kazufumi Shiraishi’s latest work in its 70th anniversary issue, which went on sale in late August.  

The first instalment of The days I buy bread alone (ひとりでパンを買いに行く日々に) by the Naoki Prize winning author, was published in the September special anniversary issue of the monthly literary magazine.  

Shosetsu Shincho
considered one of Japan’s most prestigious literary magazines, founded in September 1947, is published by Shinchosha, one of Japan’s leading publishers who publish the works of Haruki Murakami and many other important Japanese authors, including Kazufumi Shiraishi.  

The special 70th anniversary issue, not only launches this important new work by Shiraishi, it also features works by some of the most important Japan’s authors of the last 70 years including: Hisashi Inoue (1934-201), Akiyuki Nosaka (1930-2015), Junnosuke Yoshiyuki (1924-1994) and Hyakken Uchida (1889-1971).  

In the first 15-page instalment of The days I buy bread alone, which will be published monthly over a six month period, Mr. Nonomura, a former editor at a major publisher, is suddenly confronted with the death of his former boss. This latest Shiraishi novel will be published in book format at the end of the serialization by Shinchosha.  

Shiraishi has published more than 20 novels and collections of short stories since his debut and his works have been successfully published in translation across Asia including China, Taiwan and Korea.  

Only two of his works have been published in English, both by the American publisher Dalkey Archive Press, the most recent, The Part of Me That Isn’t Broken Inside, translated by Raj Mahtani, was published in August.  

Shiraishi is extremely well known in Japan, having won several prestigious literary awards, and is a prolific and respected author who contributes to many different publications.  

Shinchosha, founded in 1896, publishes books, journals and magazines and is also the organizer of many important literary awards including: the Mishima Yukio Prize, the Yamamoto Shugoro Prize, the Kobayashi Hideo Prize and the Japan Fantasy Novel Award.

The 70th anniversary issue of Shosetsu Shincho can be accessed here.    
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