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Randy Taguchi invited as a special guest to the first Brahmaputra Literary Festival in India

Randy Taguchi, the Indian Union Minister of Human Resource Development Shri Prakash Javadear, and the Assam Chief Minister with others lighting a lamp to inaugurate the first Brahmaputra Literary Festival at Guwahati in January 2017. Photograph: PIB PHOTO by SK Darjee.
Randy Taguchi, one of Japan’s leading novelists and essayists and member of the select author group Red Circle, was one of sixteen international authors invited to attend the first Brahmaputra Literary Festival, in India.

The three-day event, organized by the National Book Trust India, the Publication Board Assam (under Assam’s education ministry), and the city of Guwahati, is named after one of Asia’s most famous rivers, the Brahmaputra, which flows through India, Bangladesh and China and is approximately 3,000 kilometers long.

The literary festival
, which took place in January, was attended by more than 185 authors and the general public.
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      About Randy Taguchi:
      Randy Taguchi is Japan’s first major net-author who has transformed herself from an advertising executive into one of Japan’s leading novelists and essayists. She has an astute understanding of and interest in popular Japanese culture picking up on and writing about emerging cultural trends, fads and controversial issues that resonate with readers in print and online.