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Back by popular demand! Randy Taguchi’s creative writing class re-launched in Omotesando

The award-winning Red Circle author, Randy Taguchi has decided to restart her series of creative writing classes in Omotesando, in the center of Tokyo, following the success of her inaugural classes, held in Shimokitazawa last year.

Taguchi is still prolific and continues to write fiction and non-fiction, essays, travel logs and a blog. But since 2016, she has also been trying to encourage the next generation of Japanese writers by regularly holding creative writing seminars in Tokyo. More than one hundred people have attended her classes to date.

The newly re-launched Creative Writing Programme consists of three sessions and is limited to twenty-five students per session. It is designed to: ‘Nurture a creative mind within yourself,’ and is being held at the art café in the heart of Omotesando for the first time, a district known for its creativity, galleries, and luxury shops.

Omotesando’s main selkova tree-lined street, close to the art café, is often compared to the Champs Elysees in Paris. Banana Yoshimoto, the award-winning author of Kitchen and many other novels, has on occasion joined the classes.

According to Taguchi, her classes will not only “help participants improve their writing skills, but also nurture their creativity benefiting other aspects of their lives”. Feedback and comments from previous seminars run by Taguchi show that they have been attended by people who have read her books or seen the film adaptations of them, as well individuals who follow her on Facebook or wish to develop new career opportunities through writing. Examples of comments include: “first and foremost, I was so happy to meet Randy Taguchi in person! This was something big in my life!” and “the class was very interesting because I not only learnt how to write, but how to live in a creative manner”.

More information on the Creative Writing Programme is available here.  
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