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Major Tokyo bookstore launches special Kazufumi Shiraishi promotion

Kazufumi Shiraishi display at HMV & BOOKS TOKYO, Shibuya MODI. Photograph: Asahi Press.
HMV & BOOKS TOKYO, one of the best-known bookshops in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district, has launched a special in store promotion featuring the “10 Must-Read Novels” by Kazufumi Shiraishi, the award-winning Red Circle author.

The bookshop, which is often used as a meeting point by fashion conscious Tokyoites, is based in the Shibuya MODI shopping complex close to the landmark Shibuya Crossing, the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, and one of the Japan’s most photographed landmarks. The iconic crossing has appeared in many films including Sofia Coppal’s Lost in Translation.

Kazufumi Shiraishi’s books are being promoted in a dedicated area within the store as part of a major author promotion targeting the young trend setting readers that frequent Shibuya.  

The bookstore’s “10 Must-Read Kazufumi Shiraishi Novels” are:  
  1. 1. On the Shores of Memory (記憶の渚にて/ Kioku no nagisa nite). Published by Kadokawa.

    2. Remove That Arrow from Deep in My Heart (この胸に深々と突き刺さる矢を抜け/ Kono mune ni fukabuka to tsukisasaru ya o nuke). Yamamoto Shūgorō Prize. Published by Kodansha 2009.

  2. 3. A Ray of Light (一瞬の光/ Isshun no hikari). Published by Kadokawa, 2000.
4. I Will Walk the Mysterious Course He Walks, Too (彼が通る不思議なコースを私も/ Kare ga tooru fushigi na koosu wo watashi mo). Published by Shueisha, 2014.

5. About My Fate
(私という運命について/ Watashi toiu unmei ni tsuite ). Adapted for TV. Published by Kadokawa, 2005.

6. Love is a Lie (
愛なんて嘘/ Ai nante uso ). Published by Shinchosha, 2014.

7. This is a Place Where We Don’t Exist (
ここは私たちのいない場所/ Koko ha Watashitachi no Inai Basho). Published by Shinchosha 2015.

8. Mystery (
神秘/ Shinpi). Adapted for film. Published by The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd 2014.

9. Wings (
翼/ Tsubasa). Published by Kobunsha 2011.

0. The Lightless Sea (光のない海/ Hikari no nai umi). Published by Shueisha 2015.  

HMV & BOOKS TOKYO stocks 500,000 items in its Shibuya store: including books, CDs, Videos and other merchandise. It contains a radio station, as well as a coffee shop, as part of its retail offer and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, making it a popular Shibuya meeting place and destination. 

The Shibuya store is the largest bookstore in the HMV chain in Japan, which is now owned by the convenience store retail group Lawson. It is the chain’s flagship shop and is often held up as an example of a ‘futuristic destination store’. Lawson boasts 9 million daily shoppers across its network of retail outlets in Japan.
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