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New paperback edition of ‘Sit on The Grass’, a collection of five short stories by Kazufumi Shiraishi to be released in Japan next month

Cover of paperback edition, bunko, of Sit on The Grass, kusa ni suwaru, by the Naoki prize-winning author Kazufumi Shiraishi published 4th January by Bunshun Bunko.
A new edition of Sit on The Grass, kusa ni suwaru, by the Naoki prize-winning author Kazufumi Shiraishi will be published in Japan next month by Bunshun Bunko

The release of this novel in bunko format, paperback, seven years after it was first published in hardback, tanko, in Japan in Japanese follows a flurry of media interest in and praise for Shiraishi.

This includes interviews in major Japanese publications such as Toyo Keizaithe Asahi Shimbun, and Kateigaho; as well as the serialisation of new works by the multi award-winning author in several Japanese newspapers and magazines; and film and television adaptations of his works.

Cover of TV-adapation edition of 100 Million Yen Sayonara by Kazufumi Shiraishi
Last month the final episode, the 8th of 100 Million Yen Sayonara, was broadcast by NHK, Japan’s public national broadcaster. This was a somewhat liberal adaption of Shiraishi’s 2018 novel of the same name.

Despite many die-hard Shiraishi fans being disappointed with this TV-adaptation, alongside last year’s release in Japan of the full-length feature film adaptation of Shiraishi’s Lovers at the Crater, kakoi no futari, it has helped keep the author’s name in the public domain and increased awareness and interest in Shiraishi and his works across Japan.

Sit on The Grass is a collection of five linked profoundly touching short stories. Here Shiraishi, who is a deeply thoughtful author who writes about love, life and the human condition, takes his readers on enigmatic passages spanning despair, awakening and baffling romance, skilfully building on Japan’s long and rich tradition of short form writing

Readers have described this book’s narratives as ‘immersive’, ‘rich’,  ‘responsive’ with ‘characters searching for answers and a way forward that makes you think about life.’ Some have said that the author’s post-script alone is a must read for Shiraishi fans.

This paperback, like the new edition of Shiraishi’s If I Were You…,moshimo watashi ga anata dattara, released in May this year, is being published by Bunshun Bunko, the paperback imprint of Bungeishunju, one of Japan’s most prestigious publishing houses that organises Japan’s two most important literary prizes: the Akutagawa and Naoki Prizes.

It is also the publishing house where Shiraishi worked before making his debut as a novelist in 2000.

Sit on The Grass will be released on 4th January kicking off what is expected to be another very exciting and busy year for the author.

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