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90% of Japanese people under the age of 30 still read books

[UPDATED: 12-27-2017]
According to consumer surveys, despite what many might believe, the vast majority of Japanese people still read books, including people under the age of 30. However, 10 percent of Japanese people under the age of 30 say that currently they never read books.

The most popular genre amongst both men and women in Japan who buy books are mysteries and crime fiction, according to the research conducted by DIMS DRIVE, which monitors a panel of 9,566 individuals for its surveys.  

43 percent of those surveyed, who read a book every three months, buy books from internet sites including Amazon, but 80 percent of these regular book buyers still buy books from bricks and mortar bookstores.  

77 percent of whose who purchase books online unsurprisingly read online reviews before deciding which books to buy.

The three most important factors in book selection by Japanese consumers are content (71 percent) author (55 percent) and price (39 percent).
90% of Japanese people under the age of 30 still read books Posted by Richard Nathan